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Making Additional Payments
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  • Make Additional Payments

Additional payments (sometimes referred to as retainers, or non-invoiced payments) give your clients the ability to make non-specific payments toward their account balance.

Typically, clients might make additional payments if they want to pre-pay for a service they know is coming up, or they would rather their practitioner decide which invoices to apply them to.

Additional payments entered into Canopy can be applied directly to an invoice or stored as Credits. You can allocate these payments across invoices as you desire.

To get started:

  1. Click on the Global Add Button on the global navigation bar.

  2. Select Payment from the secondary navigation

  3. Select a Contact in the Contact name field to apply for the additional payment.

  4. In the Additional Payment well, add a description for the payment.

    1. This description might be Retainer or Pre-payment for X service.

  5. Input a payment amount in the provided box.

You can also select the outstanding invoices this contact may have if they have provided sufficient funds. But again, you can apply it to an invoice later on.

Click Continue.

The Payment date defaults to the current date. If needed, change the payment date to a future date.

Use the Select payment method dropdown to select a payment method.

You can choose from a saved payment method, or select a new payment method and input the payment details.

If needed, click + Add a note to the payment.

Click Continue to proceed to the confirmation modal

Click Done.

Click Confirm and pay to create a credit for the additional payment.

You can quickly enter additional payments by clicking Make Another Payment.

Print or Download the receipt by clicking the associated icons.

Once you’ve saved, the additional payment is saved as a Credit. You can find this under the Credits page:

  1. Click on Billing

  2. Select Credits

You should have your new additional payment saved as a credit, along with your description. Let’s click on it - do that by clicking the number of the invoice reference number.

Here, you can view the credit statement. You can download or print the statement from here. And you also have limited options for editing your Credit note. Let’s click Edit.

You can change the description and add notes or terms that will appear on an invoice. But you cannot change the contact, dates or the currency received.

Click Save Credit when you’re finished.

You can then apply that credit to an invoice, as needed. Let’s go back to that Credit.

It’s pretty simple - select an invoice from the dropdown. As you do, you can see the invoice balance. Then choose how much to credit from the credit balance. Just click an invoice, then press Apply Credits.

Once you do, the credit statement changes to show the remaining balance.

If you want to show the credit as applied to an open invoice, go to the invoice by selecting:

  1. Billing

  2. Clicking invoices

Locate the invoice you applied it to.

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