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Send Business Tax Organizers
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The Organizer lets practitioners quickly gather and organize tax information from business-filing clients in one simple step. You can send the Organizer to your client to complete or fill it out yourself. The Tax Organizer also allows you to conveniently upload relevant tax documents and store them in Canopy.

Note: Custom tax organizers are not available in Canopy at this time.

Send a Tax Organizer to a Business Client

If you do not have all the information needed to fill out the sections yourself, you can send the Organizer to the client to fill out. To get started, click Send in the top left-hand corner of the Organizer.


1. Choose the contact email to which you would like to send the Organizer.

If needed, include a personalized message.

2. Click Send.

Your client will receive an email that will ask them to complete the form as a Survey in the Client Portal. To better assist your client in completing the survey, please refer them to the Complete a Tax Organizer article.


3. Back on the main Tax Organizer page, click the Options icon and select Organizer Options.

  • Here, you can set the Tax Organizer's access permissions for your client. If you have already sent the Organizer to your client, access will default to On and will allow the client to edit information in the Client Portal.

  • To prevent access once the client has returned the Organizer back to you, toggle the slider to On.


Navigate the Business Tax Organizer

1. Click the Global Add Button on the global navigation bar.

2. Choose Tax Organizer from the slide-in menu.


3. Fill out all necessary information such as Client type, Client, Organizer name, Organizer type, Assignee(s), and Due date.

Note: There are four options for organizers in Canopy

  • Individual - 1040

  • Partnership - 1065

  • C-Corporation - 1120

  • S-Corporation - 1120-S


4. Click Create Organizer.


5. From the main organizer page, you are able to begin filling out your client's tax information.

  • Answer all questions in the selected section. Once you are done with one section, click Next section.

  • If needed, click Upload Documents to upload any applicable supplemental files for the tax form.


6. Send the Organizer to the client for completion.


7. Once the client has completed the Organizer and sent it back to you, you will be able to see all of their responses.

  • Be sure to click through each section to make sure each question was answered.

  • If any corrections are needed, click Resend and include any notes in the Personalized message box.

8. Once the Client Organizer is complete, click the Options icon and select Download form.

The completed tax form will be downloaded onto your computer.


9. Click Work on the global navigation bar.

10. Choose Tax Organizers to view active organizers.

  • Here, you can change the status of an Organizer.

  • Click the Options icon on the right-hand side to view Archived organizers.

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