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Get Started with Tax Resolution
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In this Video:

  • Send an Organizer

  • Create a Resolution Case

  • Create a Notice

  • Request Transcripts

Send an Organizer

The organizer allows practitioners to quickly gather and organize tax information from clients in one simple step. You can send the organizer to your client to complete or fill it out yourself. The tax organizer also allows you to conveniently upload any relevant tax documents to be stored in Canopy.

Initiate an Organizer:

  • Click on Client in the global navigation bar.

  • Go to Client Record and find the client you will be working with.

  • Click on the Organizer tab at the top.

  • Click Add an Organizer.

  • Select the applicable information from each dropdown.

Once you're satisfied with what you filled out, you can click Create Organizer.

Once the organizer is created you can fill it out, or send it to client and have them fill it out. You can also upload any pertinent documents to this organizer by clicking the + sign next to Upload Documents.

To send the organizer to your client:

  • Click the Send button.

  • The Client Portal window will pop up.

  • Choose who you would like to send the organizer to.

  • Add a personalized message

  • Hit send.

Your client will get an email, or can open the organizer directly in their client portal.

They will be able to see their progress up at the top as they add in all the necessary information. Once they have completed the entire organizer, they'll be able to submit it and send it back to you where you will be able to view the whole organizer to help you with their tax needs.

Resolution Cases

Creating a resolution case from a client record will let you generate forms, send client surveys, send engagement letters, and complete other functions relating to your client tax resolution case.

To create a resolution case

  • Go back to your client's record.

  • Click on the tab labeled Resolution Case.

  • Click Create New Resolution Case.

  • Name your resolution case

  • Select if it is for an individual or business.

  • Add a due date.

  • Use the toggles to select the services you will be offering.

  • Click Create Resolution Case.

You'll notice there are several different steps and features here, but you also can add your own steps to resolution cases.

Create a custom step:

  • Select Templates from the global navigation bar.

  • Navigate to Resolution Case.

  • Add a custom service.

  • Name the service and write a description.

  • Select Create Service.

  • Now, you have the option to add steps. You can add as many steps as needed and you can also add documents by clicking on the pencil, and uploading a work paper.

In the Resolution Case there are many steps, each helping in the resolution process.


The form section in Canopy provides edible versions of IRS forms That can be printed and downloaded.

Source forms auto populate with information from client survey but you can also edit them. You are able to override information that the client has provided, which will update in real time.


  • Summary - This includes your due date, your progress, and any activity.

  • Letters - you can add a letter by hitting create new letter, You'll select a client, you can create one from scratch, or select a template here. Click on this link to learn more about how to create custom letter templates.

  • Client Requests - create tasks for your client to complete. Select new requests, add a title and a due date. Include any reminders and then write a description. Click send and your client requests will be delivered via the client portal and an email.

  • Client Survey - you can send this easy to fill out survey that will gather all of the information that you need securely. This information will auto populate into forms associated with the resolution case.You can either send it to your client or skip it and fill it out yourself.

  • Collections - You can click on analytics, which will provide helpful information on the collections process.

  • Archive - You can always lock your resolution case. By doing so, it will prevent others from being able to make any changes.

  • Services - You have the option to add or take away services as you go through. You'll notice as you click each one of the services it will add steps to your flow.


Notices work similar to a task template and allow you to walk through various notices.

  • Click on the global plus button.

  • Click Notice - here you can create a workflow to manage and track your client's IRS notice.

  • Create the notice by putting in all of the valid information.

    • Select a notice type and name it.

    • Choose assigned team members.

    • Select a due date.

    • You can also add any budgeted hours and select a priority.

    • Add a description - You will notice a description has auto populated based on the type of notice, but you can always make changes and edit the formatting.

    • You can toggle on and off to choose whether or not you want to include tax preparation fields.

  • Click Create and Manage.

Now you have a workflow that includes all of the subtasks associated with this type of notice.

If you wanna come back to this, you can access it from the homepage of your client record under Tasks. You can click on one of the tasks associated with the notice, and it will take you back to this notice workflow.


You can initiate transcripts by clicking on files, and then transcripts.

You will need to sign in to the IRS here.


As a heads-up, A few things you should know about transcripts.

  • Everyone can use the same CAF number, but everyone does need to have their own license and set up their own integration. This will include their own account with the IRS.

  • Also, it's important that you only request what you have access to. Your entire pull with fail if you don't have access to all the documents you are requesting.

If you would like to learn more about requesting a transcript, I'll link this article that goes into more detail.

Support and Knowledge Base

If you had any questions that came up while watching this video, please reach out to support. When you click back on your profile icon, you will see a button at the top to chat with support, which will open up a little window. You can also reach them by calling this phone number during their open hours: 1-855-616-7305.

Another great tool is our Canopy help center. By clicking on the little graduation cap you will open up all of the different resources that we have for you. You can do a quick search at the top for any in-app guides or help articles. You can also go directly to our Knowledge Base.

The Knowledge Base is a great resource where you can search and find articles on all of the different feature within Canopy, as well as guides for your clients and anything new coming into Canopy.

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