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Create a Resolution Case
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Creating a Resolution Case from a client record lets you:

  • Generate forms

  • Send client surveys

  • Send engagement letters

  • Complete other functions relating to your client’s tax resolution case.

Create a Resolution Case

1. Click Clients on the global navigation bar and choose Client List to get started.

2. Click on a Client.

The client record will load.


3. Click Create resolution case from the Home tab.

The "Resolution Case Details" window will load.


4. Type in a resolution case Name and Description.


5. Select an appropriate response under Is this resolution case for an individual taxpayer?

  • If the client’s case requires both individual and business forms, you need to create both types of resolution cases.

  • An answer may be already selected according to the client's information entered in Canopy.

  • For users with a Tax Resolution license:

    • By creating an individual resolution case, Canopy will generate 433-A collection survey and related IRS forms (433-A, 433-A (OIC), 2848, 656).

    • By creating a business resolution case, Canopy will generate the 433-B collection survey and related IRS forms (433-B, 433-B (OIC), 2848, and 6556).


6. Select a Due date.


7. Click the toggle switch for each service you will offer for this resolution case.

Services activated will be set to green.


8. Click Create resolution case

  • The resolution case screen will load.

  • You can navigate through different steps or forms in the resolution case from the column on the left side of the screen.

  • Guidance on how to create custom services that would display on this list can be found in the Create Custom Service Templates‍ article.

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