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Create a Power of Attorney (POA) Form
Create a Power of Attorney (POA) Form
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Please Note: For the 2848 POA form to be visible in Canopy, you must be assigned the Tax Resolution module. For more information, please refer to our pricing page.

File Your POA Forms: After creating your POA form in Canopy, you can follow the IRS instructions and file your POA forms on their website by clicking here.

To request a transcript in Canopy, you should have already filled out a Power of Attorney (POA) form. To create a Power of Attorney form, you must first have created a resolution case. For more information, refer to the Create a Resolution Case article.

Create a Power of Attorney Form

1. Click Work on the global navigation bar and choose Resolution Cases from the slide-in menu.


2. Select a Resolution Case.


3. When the case pops up, click Forms in the left column.


4. Select Federal.


5. Find Administrative.


6. Go to the 2848 form.


7. Fill out the information in the fields provided on the screen.

  • All changes are saved onto the form automatically.

  • The 2848 form is separated into four sections: Taxpayer information, Representative(s), Acts authorized, and Specific Use, acts, and retention.

  • You can click through each section to fill out the necessary information.

8. Click View Tax Form.

  • This gives you a view of the tax form itself.

  • Click the Save to files icon to save the form to a client's folder, the Print icon to print this form, or the Download icon to download the form to your computer.

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