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Add Forms to a Resolution Case
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The Forms section in Canopy provides editable versions of IRS forms that can be printed and downloaded. Source forms auto-populate with information from the client survey but remain editable.

Add Forms to a Resolution Case

1. To find forms, navigate to a client's profile, then click on the Resolution Cases tab and select a case to add a form.


2. Click on Forms in the menu on the left.


3. Select the Federal or States folder to see more forms.

4. Click on a sub-folder to open more form options.

For example: Within the Federal folder, click Collections to access forms for a Collections resolution case.


5. Click on a specific form to fill it out.

  • Once completed, forms can be saved to an existing client's files. Alternatively, you can click Create a new folder to save the form to a new folder.

  • Clicking on a form will open the sections of the form, making it easier to navigate from section to section.

  • The form will load on the right side of the screen. You can click the image to the right of the form to View Tax Form before printing.

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