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FAQ | Resolution Cases
Updated over a week ago

This is a list of our most frequently asked questions about Resolution Cases (formerly Engagements).

What is a Resolution Case?

A Resolution Case enables you to send your client the Client Survey, generate forms, send engagement letters, and complete other functions dealing with your client's tax resolution case.

  • For example, to complete a Power of Attorney form in Canopy, a Resolution Case will first need to be created.

Can I create Resolution Cases in bulk?

Currently, creating Resolution Cases in bulk is not a function available in Canopy.

Why do I have to create a Resolution Case every time I want to do something?

Resolution Cases should only be created on a per-case basis. If the case you are working on includes sending a letter to the client, filling out a form, and sending a client request, only one Resolution Case should be created for that instance.

How do I create a Resolution Case?

Please refer to the Create a Resolution Case article for more information regarding how to create a resolution case in Canopy.

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