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Navigate the New Notices Workspace
Navigate the New Notices Workspace
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Managing work can be overwhelming at times. Managing notices includes meeting deadlines and switching between projects, depending on when clients provide needed items. This happens all while trying to provide better customer experiences. The notice workspace redesign is easier when viewing, updating, accessing, and collaborating on each notice and will save your firm time.

To get started, navigate to any notice's workspace.



Track your time by starting new timers and adding time entries in the notice workspace.



Manage priority levels from the notice workspace.



Manage the status of parent tasks within the notice workspace.



Edit or Archive the parent task within the notice workspace.


Confirm this action by clicking Archive in the Archive notice? window that pops up.

Add Team Members

View assigned team members and invite others to the notice if needed.


Progress Chart

View the progress of a Notice within this workspace.


Work Tab

Manage aspects of subtasks in this area. This is where you can Add assignees, Request a transcript, Add a tool, Add a client request, and Add a subtask. Reorganize subtasks in this area as well.


Files Tab

Add new, existing, and editable (.docx) files to associate directly with a parent task. Any file attached to a subtask itself will populate in this tab. You can also choose to Remove from task, Edit file, eSign Request, Download file, Print file, and Save to files in this area.


Notes Tab

View details of existing internal notes from team members as well as add a note or edit/archive from this space. Any note added to a subtask itself will also populate in this tab.


Transcripts Tab

View details of existing transcripts and Request transcripts from this tab.


Forms Tab

View existing forms in this tab of the notice workspace. This is where you can also Edit form, Download form, Print form, and Remove form from task. Any forms added to a subtask itself will not populate in this tab.



Collaborate with team members in the Comments slide out of the notice workspace. Here you can attach files, send GIFs/images, and @mention team members. You can also easily collapse and expand the area by clicking on the comment feed icon.

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