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Revise a Client's Transcripts Settings
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License Requirement

This guide only applies to users who have purchased the Transcripts and Notices standalone module. If you have purchased any other modules in Canopy, please refer to the guides in the Transcripts or Notices folders on our Knowledge Base.

After requesting a client's transcripts, you can revise their transcript settings to fix any previous errors or specify what forms to request in the future. This guide will help you learn how to manage forms in the transcripts settings.

In-App Guide

1. Click on the Settings icon in-line with a previously requested client's transcript report.


2. Fix any of the provided information fields as needed.

3. Click Manage forms to open the form management modal.


Hover over the information icon to learn more about this feature.

4. Select the Forms and Years you want to request. Navigate the form types using the left-side column.

a. Form Types - Click through the options to select forms and the years that you request.

b. Forms - Select the forms you would like to request for this client.

c. Years - Choose the years you want to request.

d. Select all - Click this to select and deselect all options in the section.

e. Save changes - Select this button to lock in the needed forms and years for this and future requests.

5. Click Save changes on the Transcripts Settings modal to save your changes.

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