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Sync Your Canopy Account with QBO
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Heads up: Currently, only one team member can connect their firm to a QBO account. Generally, the administrator would sync their QBO account for all team members to connect to.

QuickBooks Online (QBO) can be integrated with your Canopy account to help sync Clients and Service Items between both applications. You can also one-way sync Invoices, Categories, Classes, & Locations, and Payments & Credits. Once connected, whenever one of the previously listed items is created in Canopy, it's automatically synced to QBO.

Begin the Integration Sync & Sync Clients with QBO

1. Navigate to your Settings in Canopy.


2. Select Integrations from the left-side column.


3. Find the QBO integration tile and click Manage.

If the Manage button is greyed out, your account either does not have the Manage Integrations permission activated, or you are using a freemium or legacy account. To fix this, please upgrade to a paid account and ensure that your user is assigned a role with the Manage Integrations permission activated.


4. Select Start in line with Clients.


5. Enter your QBO login information in the pop-up window.

Click Sign In.

6. Review and accept the terms and conditions.

Click Connect to continue.


Select which clients to import.

  • You can choose All clients, Active clients, or Inactive clients.

    • Selecting Active or Inactive clients will specify that only Active or Inactive clients in QBO will be brought to Canopy.

  • The names of your Canopy clients should match the names of your QBO clients.

  • Any active customers in QBO that don't match a client in Canopy will be created as a new client in Canopy.


Info: If your import exceeds 300 records, the view is paginated. You can flip through the pages using the arrows at the bottom of the list.

8. Click Start to begin the integration sync.


9. Click through each navigation item on the left to check your client sync information.

Alternatively, you can click Next to cycle through the navigation items.


Note: The New clients (x) section of the sync has the option to toggle the Create x new clients in Canopy switch on and off. This is the number of QuickBooks Online clients that are completely new to Canopy and will be added unless the toggle is turned to the off position. This feature is especially helpful when you don't want to add unnecessary clients to Canopy that then clutter up your directory!


10. Once all navigation items are complete, click Sync clients.

  • All clients created in QBO or Canopy going forward will be automatically synced to the other software.

  • Unmatched clients will NOT be synced.

  • Duplicate clients will NOT be synced.


Additional Help: Please refer to the knowledge base article for guidance on how to resolve duplicate and unmatched clients with Single Client Sync.

Advanced settings

Clicking the gear icon brings up a QBO Integration Settings window where you can toggle on and off actions from Canopy and QBO. The toggles are for actions like creating new clients and editing them in Canopy or QBO. Find out what else you can do with QBO synced clients here.

2024-05-06_13-11-42 (1).gif

Sync Invoices and Service Items With QBO

The next step in the QBO Integration setup process will help you sync your invoices and service items with QBO. Once synced, all service items or invoices created in Canopy will be automatically synced to QBO. Currently, invoices created in QBO do not sync to Canopy.

Please Note: This feature is not available for users who have purchased the Transcripts and Notices standalone module.

1. Click Next on the integration setup page.


2. Click Start to begin the sync setup.

Alternatively, you can come back later after selecting Not now.


3. Review your matched and unmatched service items. Cycle through menus using the left-side column or by clicking Next.

Please note that Unmatched service items will not sync. To fix any unmatched service items, you will need to ensure that service items in Canopy match the name, rate, and SKU of a service item in QBO.

  • Once you have confirmed that the service items are matched, you will need to repeat the QBO sync process.

4. Once all necessary service items match, click Sync service items.

5. Select Continue.


Sync Payments & Credits

1. Review the info and click Sync.

When payments are synced, any new payment created in Canopy can sync to QBO as a one-way sync moving forward.

The undeposited funds account in QBO will receive the following payment types from Canopy:

  • Payments processed through Canopy

  • Manual payments created in Canopy

  • Additional payments and credits created in Canopy


2. Select Done once the sync is successful.


The Manage QBO Integration page shows the status of each synced section.

  • All Service Items will be synced between Canopy and QBO.

  • Going forward, any new Payments, Additional Payments, Credits, or Invoices created in Canopy will be automatically synced to QBO.

  • Additionally, Categories, Classes, & Locations created in QBO will now also automatically sync to Canopy.

Use the graphic below to better understand the one-way or two-way sync for each section.

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