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Explore Single Client Sync
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Explore Single Client Sync

In the past, resolving unmatched and duplicate clients in the QBO integration was quite a feat. With Single Client Sync, you can sync or unmatch a client from inside a Client Record, with no problem!

Best Practice: Single client sync is a great solution for resolving small amounts of duplicate/unmatched clients. If you happen to have several duplicate/unmatched clients, we recommend disconnecting and reconnecting the QBO integration, as laid out in the Resolve Duplicate and Unmatched Clients in Bulk article.

Edit Client Sync from Client Record

Select the pencil icon in the Integrations section of the Client Record. If you don't see this section, try scrolling down on the left side of the Client Record.

2024-05-07_13-00-39 (1).gif

Quick Tip: If the QBO integration is ON, this section (and edit icon) appears on all client records whether or not the client is synced.


Unmatch a Synced Client

Once you click the pencil icon, a window pops up to show synced QBO clients on this particular client record. So, let's run with our client, Fiona. It looks like Fiona's got a matching client from QBO. If, for any reason, I needed to disconnect the QBO client from the Canopy client, I could simply select the unmatch button.


And there you have it! Now this client has been unmatched and disabled from syncing in QBO.


But wait, oh darn! I didn't mean to unmatch that client! The message went away before I could click "Undo". How do I fix this?! Never fear, syncing an unsynced client is here! πŸ¦ΈπŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ’ͺ🏽

Sync an Unsynced Client

Click that pencil icon again and you'll see the options to Search existing or Create new. You can create the client as a new client in QBO or you can search for an existing QBO client to match the Canopy client with.


Match with an existing QBO client

To match Fiona to an existing QBO client, I'll click the Search existing button.


From there, search results will populate based on the Display name or Email (whichever option you go for). If you happen to have a long list of possible matches, feel free to narrow the results by using the search bar.

For Fiona, I have one result that was pulled in from QBO. I'll select the circle next to her name and then click Match.


After I select Match, a confirmation screen is next. Carefully review your selected match. Remember that once you click Sync, Canopy client info will overwrite the client info in QBO. However, if the QBO client record has additional information fields that are NOT in Canopy, those won't override. After reviewing the information, select Sync.


And voila! Easy peasy, lemon sneezy. Fiona is now matched to her QBO client. You can tell by the synced status on the top right and the popup message on the bottom of the screen saying that the client has successfully synced in QBO.


Click the X or Done to close the window.

Create a new QBO client

Let's say I didn't have a matching client in QBO for Fiona Gallagher. What would I do at that point? You'd choose the Create new button from the match screen, shown below. If there aren't QBO clients with the same display name, QBO will create a new client in their system and link it to the associated Canopy client.


Quick Tip: If a QBO record has the same Display Name as the one you want to create, a window pops up for you to add a unique display name or select a pre-populated option from the list.


In this case, I'll add Fiona's middle name to make it a unique display name.


After clicking Continue, you'll see the display name update on the client record.


Use the Client Creation Sync Toggle

When adding a new client in Canopy, there is an option to use the Sync client toggle. This lets you choose if you want the client to be created in QBO.


If you are already integrated with QBO, the toggle will default to ON (unless otherwise set up in your Actions from Canopy settings). When you toggle off the Sync client option, the Canopy client will not be linked and won't link even after editing that client.

Manage Client Sync Settings

You can customize your client sync settings from the Manage QBO Integration tab under billing settings.


After clicking the gear icon, a screen pops up where you have more control over what does and doesn't integrate between QBO and Canopy.


Let's go through the toggles that are available to you.

Actions from Canopy

  • Creating new clients in Canopy (regarding the Client Creation Sync Toggle)

  • Editing Clients in Canopy (edits to a client in Canopy should sync to QBO)


Actions from QBO

  • Creating new clients in QBO (new clients in QBO should be automatically created in Canopy)

  • Editing clients in QBO (edits to a client in QBO should sync to Canopy)


Now that you've got all the details, give these features a try. Happy syncing and unmatching! ⛓️ ⛓️‍πŸ’₯

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