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Resolve Duplicate and Unmatched Clients
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Sync Unmatched Clients With QBO

Best Practice: This process works best if you complete the client sync first. After completing the sync, follow this manual resolution process to add all unmatched clients to QBO.

Any Canopy clients that do not match in QBO are not synced to QBO. To sync them to QBO, you will have to disconnect Canopy from QBO, export your Canopy clients, upload them to QBO, and restart the QBO integration.

Disconnect Your QBO Integration

1. In your settings, select the Integrations tab.


2. Inside the QBO tile, click Manage.


3. On the Manage QBO Integration page, click the three stacked dots on the top right.


4. Choose the option to Disconnect QBO Integration.


Now you're all set to move on to the next step, exporting your client lists.

Export Your Canopy Clients

1. Navigate to the Client List in Canopy.


2. Click on the Options menu in the top-right corner.

3. Select Export filtered list from the drop-down menu.

Your clients will be downloaded to a .CSV document.

Import Your Clients to QBO

1. Log in to your QBO Accountant account on the QuickBooks website.

2. Click on the Settings wheel.

3. Choose Import Data from the Tools column.

4. Select Customers.

5. Click Browse in the Select a CSV box.

6. Select the CSV file downloaded in step 2.

7. Click Next in the bottom-right corner.

8. Map the QBO fields to the fields in your CSV file.

9. Click Next in the bottom-right corner.

10. Verify that each client you want to upload is checked.

11. Click Import in the bottom-right corner.

12. Follow the linked guide to Restart your QBO Integration.

Resolve Duplicate Clients

Currently, duplicate clients must be resolved manually for each individual in Canopy. You must complete the integration sync and then refer to the post-integration sync report sent to your email to recall which clients are duplicates.

Best Practice: Resolving duplicate clients works best when you have something to reference. For this reason, we recommend completing the integration sync and then referring to the post-sync report emailed to you. The report will list all unmatched and duplicate clients that were not able to sync. Alternatively, you can complete this process in a separate tab while completing the sync. Once you've finished resolving duplicates, follow the instructions to Restart your QBO Integration.‍

To be clear, you can only sync one Canopy client to one QBO customer. If you have multiple clients associated with one account in QBO, then you will have to pick a primary client and create separate records for the other associated clients!

Resolve Duplicate Clients in QBO

1. Navigate to the Client List in Canopy and select the duplicate client in QBO.

Correct any information and click Save.

3. To mark a client as inactive, click on the in-line dropdown arrow.

4. Select Make inactive from the dropdown menu.

When you repeat the QBO sync in Canopy, be sure to select Active clients when importing.

5. Repeat the steps for each duplicate client. Follow the guide to Restart your QBO Integration‍ after resolving.

Resolve Duplicate Clients in Canopy

1. Find and select a duplicate client in Canopy.

The client record will open.

2. Click on the pencil icon in the Client info box.

3. Fix the conflicting information by inputting the correct information on one of the duplicate clients.

4. Click Update.

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