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Log in to Canopy Mobile
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Canopy's mobile app lets you view clients and files from your mobile device. Logging into this app for the first time requires extra verifications in order to confirm your identity.

After the initial login, you can set a pin code or biometric identifiers (Face ID) to make logging in easier in the future.

Canopy Mobile First Login

You can pair Canopy with your mobile device after downloading the app from the app store. Pairing your mobile device may need you to access your email, depending on your security settings in Canopy.

After downloading the app to your device, open the app to enter your credentials.

1. Tap Sign in.

2. Enter your Canopy credentials into the fields provided.

3. Tap Sign in.

4. On the Two-Factor Authentication screen, select Next for a one-time code to send to your email.

5. Enter the verification code from your email and select Next.

To avoid verification for a month, select the box next to Remember this device for 30 days.

6. Tap Select a passcode.

  • Type in your four-digit passcode on the number pad provided.

  • Verify your passcode again.

7. If applicable, tap Turn on Face ID (biometric ID).

  • Biometric ID references either fingerprint or facial recognition, depending on the device.

  • Tap Maybe Later to skip.

Complete Login: After you pair your Canopy account with your mobile device, logging into the mobile app is simple and efficient. The app times out automatically after two minutes, requiring you to re-authenticate using either your biometric ID or previously selected passcode.

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