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Update User Settings

To manage Canopy Mobile settings, be sure you have paired your Canopy account with your preferred mobile device. This is where you can update settings such as Biometric ID and Passcode.

1. Log in to the Canopy Mobile app and tap the Settings icon.


2. Tap Update Passcode.

  • Enter the updated 4-digit passcode.

  • Verify the new passcode.

3. Tap the Use [Biometric ID] toggle switch.

  • Toggling the switch to green enables the login with a biometric ID like a fingerprint, face ID, etc.

  • Toggling the switch to grey disables biometric ID login.

Manage Your Profile Picture

Add a profile picture or take a selfie to enhance your Canopy experience and quickly identify team members.

1. Tap the Settings icon.


2. Select the three stacked dots.


3. Choose from three options in the list.

  • Take profile picture

    • Snap a quick selfie and be on your way!

  • Select from photos

    • Choose from any picture saved on your mobile device.

  • Remove profile picture

    • If you remove the profile picture in error, simply click Undo at the bottom of the screen to revert to the previous picture.


Find Help & Send Feedback

Find help documentation, contact customer support, or send feedback about the app. To get started, log in to the mobile app on your chosen device.

1. Tap the Settings icon.


2. Scroll to the Help section of the Settings page.

3. If needed, tap Help.

The Knowledge Base populates helpful articles for using the mobile app.


4. If needed, tap Contact Us.

  • Tap Call Support to place a call.

    • Free trial customers have access to the Sales phone number for any troubleshooting help.

  • Alternatively, you can Email our Support team.

5. If needed, tap Send Feedback.


Enter your feedback in the fields provided.

Log Out

Logging out of your Canopy account on a mobile device requires you to sign in, verify your account through email, and/or reset your passcode and biometric ID.

1. Open the app on your device and tap the Settings icon.


2. Scroll to the bottom of the Settings screen.

3. Tap Log out.

4. Tap Logout in the Confirm Logout pop-up window.

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