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Manage a Task
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The Canopy mobile app allows users to view, change the status, and add a note or file to a previously created task.

Manage a Task

1. Navigate to a client profile and tap Tasks to view all tasks associated with the client.

Alternatively, you can select a Task from the Tasks List and go to Step 3.


2. Tap on a Task to open the task workspace and make changes.


3. Tap on the Status dropdown arrow to select a status.


Tap on the appropriate status to assign that status to the task.

4. Tap on the Priority dropdown to change the task's priority level.

Tap on the appropriate priority level. Options include Low, Medium, High, or No Priority.


5. Go to the Subtasks tab to see all the subtasks set up for the task.

Create more subtasks by choosing Add subtask.

  • You can see automations set up for subtasks by tapping on the subtask and going to its Automations tab.


Mobile Tip: The practitioner app creates automations when attached to a template. You can also view automation details on tasks, subtasks, and client requests. You can't create a task, subtask, or client request with automations from the app at this time.

6. Tap on the Files tab to add a file to the task.

  • Tap Add a File.

  • Choose from the file upload options:

    • Scan with camera: Take a photo with your phone.

    • Add from photos: Select a photo from your phone's camera roll.

    • Upload from files: Choose a file from your phone's file directory.


7. Tap on the Notes tab to add a note to the task.

  • Tap Add a Note.

  • Enter a note, format as needed, and tap Done.


8. View automations added to the task on the Automations tab.

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