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Manage Client Requests
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Client requests can be made for a specific contact in the mobile app.

Add a Client Request to a Task

You can add client requests to tasks that have already been created in Canopy.

1. To get started, navigate to a relevant task in the Canopy mobile app.


2. Tap the Subtasks tab.


2. Tap Add subtask.


3. Tap Add client request.


4. Input any relevant client request information.

Required information fields have a blue asterisk.

Teams & Roles: Teams & Roles can now be assigned to clients, tasks, subtasks, and client requests in the app. To learn more, visit the Explore Teams & Roles section of the Knowledge Base.


5. At the bottom, tap Save and send to send the Client Request to your client.

Tap Save as draft to save the client request as a draft and send it later.


Comment on a Client Request

Users can comment on a client request directly within the Canopy mobile app.

1. Navigate to a relevant Client Request and tap the Comments tab.


2. Input a comment in the Send a comment box.


If needed, tap Add file to add a file to your comment. Choose from the available options:

  • Scan with camera: Scan a document using your phone's camera.

  • Add from photos: Add a document from your phone's photos.

  • Upload from Files: Add a document from your phone's file directory.


3. Tap Send or Enter to post the comment.


Edit a Client Request

1. Navigate to a relevant Client Request and tap the Options menu.


2. Select Edit client request.

If needed, tap Archive subtask to archive the client request.


3. Make any necessary changes.

4. At the bottom of the edit screen, tap Save changes.

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