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Manage Clients
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Note: You must have access to a client to manage it.

To manage your clients from Canopy Mobile, be sure you have paired your Canopy account with your preferred mobile device.

Search Clients

You will be able to search your clients and view details in the Clients tab of the app.

1. Tap the Search clients field in the Clients tab.


3. Type in a search for the client using:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email

  • Address

  • Phone number

  • External ID

You'll also notice recent searches populate when you select the search field.


4. Tap a name for more details.


Add a Client

1. Tap the add icon.


2. Select the applicable option.

  • Tap Add Individual to add an individual client.

  • Tap Add Business to add a business client.


3. Enter the client's Name in the fields provided.

Enter the Business Name if adding a business client.


4. Tap the option that best describes your client Type:

  • Client

  • Other

  • Prospect


5. Enter the client's Phone Number.

  • Tap the drop-down menu in line with the Phone Number field to specify this type of phone number.

    • The default option is Mobile.

  • Tap Add phone to enter additional phone numbers.


6. Enter the client's Email.

  • Tap the drop-down menu to specify whether this email is for work, personal, or other.

  • Tap Add email to add additional email addresses.


7. Enter the client's Street address in the fields provided.

  • Tap the drop-down menu to specify whether this address is the Physical, Mailing, Work, or Other address for your client.

  • Tap Add address to enter additional addresses.


8. Enter necessary information in the remaining fields:

  • Social Security Number

    • Enter an Employer Identification Number (EIN) if adding a business client.

  • Date of Birth

    • Enter the Date established or incorporated if adding a business.

  • Occupation

    • Select a Business Type if adding a business.

  • Employer

    • Select an Industry if adding a business.

  • Client Owner

    • This field will default to listing your name as the client owner.

  • Client Since date

  • Tags

  • Additional Info

Teams & Roles: Teams & Roles can now be assigned to clients, tasks, subtasks, and client requests in the app. To learn more, visit the Explore Teams & Roles section of the Knowledge Base.

9. Tap Save.


Add Tags to a Client

Add tags to help filter your clients both on Mobile and in the Web app.

1. Navigate to a record's edit screen.


2. Tap the Tags field.


3. Search for the applicable tag.


4. Tap the checkbox in line with each tag you want to assign to the client.


5. Tap Done.


Get to Know the Client Record on Mobile

The record on your mobile device will appear slightly different than the Client Record in Canopy's web app. You can reach out to your client through phone or email, and view other key details.

1. The Details tab displays key points of information, like:

  • Phone number

  • Email

  • Address

  • SSN

  • Client Type

  • Occupation

  • Tags


2. Tap the Options icon in the top, right corner.

  • Tap Edit client to edit any of their information.

  • Tap Share client to send the client information to someone else.

  • Tap Add a connection to add connections to the client.

  • Tap Archive client to remove the client from the client list.


4. Tap the call, text, or email icons to complete those actions.


5. Tap the view icon in-line with the SSN field to view the client's social security number.


Tap the icon again to hide the number.

6. Tap Connections to view important users connected to this client.

If you have a small screen, you may have to scroll to the right to find the Connections tab.


7. Tap Files to view files uploaded for the client.


8. Tap Notes to view all notes added to the Client Record.


9. Tap Tasks to manage tasks associated with the client.


10. Tap Billing to view invoices and the client's outstanding balance.


Invite a Client to the Client Portal

Invite clients to the Client Portal from the record on the mobile app. Keep in mind: an invite can only be sent if an email address is provided for the client.

1. Navigate to the Client Record and tap Invite to Client Portal.


2. If needed, include a personalized message in the field provided.

3. Tap Send Invitation.

An email will send to the address listed for your client.

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