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Complete an Individual Tax Organizer
Complete an Individual Tax Organizer
Updated over a week ago

When your practitioner prepares your taxes, you'll receive a survey called an Organizer. Organizers are visible on your To-do list and have a paper and pencil icon. You will also receive an email from your accountant to fill out the Organizer in the client portal.

1. Log in to your Client Portal and select the To-do list tab.


2. Select a relevant Organizer on the to-do list.


3. Read through the instructions and get all your info together. Click Open Organizer.


4. Check any required boxes and fill out the required information. Click Next section to continue filling out the organizer.


5. Complete each section of the Organizer and view your progress in the Progress box.


Note to Self-Employed: If you are a sole proprietor (filing Schedule C), make sure you check the "Self-employment (1099-NEC or 1099-K)" box under the Questionnaire > Income sources section. Once you check it, enter your business information in the Sole proprietorship section.


6. When you are done, click Submit.

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