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April 2024
Updated over a week ago

The following release notes are up-to-date as of May 9, 2024.

Time & Billing

Service Items on Timers

  • We've added service item fields to select when creating a timer, to help save you even more time!


Statement Generator Enhancements

  • Our team has made a few improvements to statements by adding the option to select a specific time frame for invoices populated. The team has also added the client address to statement PDFs to mail out to clients easier.


Tax Resolution

Tax Form Updates

  • Our SME team has been working to update forms for our customers. the following forms are now up-to-date:

    • MD 548

    • FTB 3520-RVK

    • FTB 3520-PIT

    • FTB 3520-BE

    • Form 911

    • IN POA-1

    • OH TBOR1

    • CT LGL 001


Engagements List - Pending Signatures Column

  • We've added a pending signatures column to the engagements list to help you easily see whose signatures you're waiting on.

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