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April 2023
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The following release notes are up to date as of May 1st, 2023.

Time & Billing

Automated Late Fees

  • Our team released v1 of the ability to enable automated late fees for invoices. Choose from a preset percentage and day to charge your clients when a payment is late.


Client Request Optimizations (iOS only, Client App)

  • We just launched an enhanced flow and layout for client requests on the Client Mobile App.

Invoice Updates (iOS & Android, Practitioner App)

  • Our team whipped up a release with some more enhancements to the Invoices experience on the practitioner app!

More Payment Options (iOS & Android, Practitioner App)

  • You now have the option to accept payments (cards, ACH, checks, and cash) on behalf of your clients, all from your phone/tablet.

Client Management

2FA App Authenticator Option

  • Our team just launched another option for 2FA when logging into Canopy: App Authenticator!


πŸ“„ Changes to Transcripts Manage Forms Modal

  • Our team made changes to include the Manage Forms link in the transcript request modal. This lets you make specific selections of Forms that you want to include in your request much easier!

πŸͺ² Other Releases/Bug Fixes

Document Management

Multi-Color Checkmark Annotations

  • We've released a new checkmark annotation that allows any color checkmark. This feature is especially useful when multiple team members annotate the same document and want to see exactly who did what.


Filter Subtasks

  • Our team recently rolled out the option to filter subtasks by a parent task's Return Type and Tax Year.

Task Filtering Improvements

  • We released dynamic filtering to enhance the task dashboard experience. We also removed smart filtering for a better user experience.

Added Friction When Archiving Tasks

  • Our team launched an added step when archiving tasks to help prevent accidental archival of tasks.


Long-press Files to Preview (iOS, Practitioner App & Client App)

  • Tap and hold a file to preview the first page without having to fully open it in the app!

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