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June 2023
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The following release notes are up to date as of July 3rd, 2023.


Improved Recurring Tasks

  • This improves the ability to have a smooth and effortless workflow while working with tasks you have to repeat, like monthly bookkeeping work, but it also won’t clog up your workflow by creating tons of tasks you don’t need right away.

  • Also available on Mobile!

Client Management

AI For Email

  • Our team updated AI for emails! You can now select options related to the tone, style, and language needed for your draft.

Tri-Merit ERC Partnership

  • We partnered with Tri-Merit to be your outsourced Employee Retention Tax Credit partner.

Teams & Roles

  • We’ve changed some names in the Settings area of Canopy:

    • Roles and Permissions is now Access and Permissions

      • Create Role is replaced with Create Permission Set

    • The Team Members & Teams section is now called Team Organization

  • In the Team Organization section, we’ve made the following updates:

    • The ability to add color to the team name chip, as well as added client assignment functionality

    • A new Roles tab has been added:

      • This gives you the option to create a custom-assignable role that lives on the client record (Bookkeeper, Tax Preparer, Partner, etc)

      • Add all the roles you want, edit them, and delete them

  • Client Record

    • We’ve made changes to the way Team Members are assigned, using the new Manage Assignments modal, and added the ability to assign a team to a client record

    • In the create/edit client modal, we’ve added two new sections:

      • Roles - assign teams/users to a specific client record role

      • General Users/Teams - gives general access to the client record

  • Client List

    • You can see the following new columns:

      • Assigned Users - shows all users assigned regardless of how assigned

      • Teams - all teams assigned

      • All custom roles

    • Change (Add, Remove, or Clear All) assignments individually (right-click on a client record)

    • Manage Assignments in bulk


Teams & Roles on Client Record

  • Mobile now supports the new teams and roles functionality on the client record in preparation for supporting them on tasks!


"Other" Payment Methods

  • Our team added an “Other” payment category that you can use to track Venmo, PayPal, or other types of client payments.


Dashboard Name Change

  • We changed the main navigation title to “Tasks” instead of “Dashboard”.



Reporting (Clients Dashboard)

  • You can now get a high-level view of your directory including KPIs, a geographical map of Client Count, Client Age demographic data, Client Creation metrics, and Client Counts by Tags and Client Owner.

Reporting (Tasks Dashboard)

  • Task tab - Firm-wide KPIs for Open Tasks, Overdue Tasks, Completed Tasks, and Completed Task Percentage. Task Completion and Task Creation data, Task Count by Status, Team Member Task Status pivot table, and Task Count by Assignee.

  • Subtasks tab - Firm-wide KPIs for Open Subtasks, Overdue Subtasks, Completed Subtasks, and Completed Subtask Percentage. Subtask Completion and Subtask Creation data, Subtask Count by Status, Team Member Subtask Status Pivot Table, and Subtask Count by Assignee.

  • Capacity tab (this tab only appears if you have a Time & Billing license) - Subtask Budgeted Hours vs Subtask Time Entry Hours by Team Member, Average Budgeted Hours by Subtask, Average Time Entry Hours by Subtask, Team Member capacity pivot table.

🪲 Other Releases/Bug Fixes

Time & Billing

Removed Completed Tasks from Drop-down When Creating Time Entry

  • Our team removed tasks/subtasks with the 'Completed' status from the task/subtask drop-downs on the 'Add time entry' modal. You can still log time to tasks/subtasks that are marked as completed by visiting the specific task/subtask page and adding saved time there.

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