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We have integrated with ThoughtSpot, an analytics platform, that lets our team create reports and dashboards and seamlessly embeds them directly into Canopy. The Dashboards feature helps meet the specific needs of your firm.

It's understandable to want more insights about your firm based on the actions performed within Canopy. Dashboards help you understand the health of your practice, as well as make strategic decisions to optimize your workforce and increase profitability.

Where Can I Find Dashboards?

Canopy Tip: Dashboards only display data and visualizations relative to the specific product. No cross-comparisons are available (i.e. clients & tasks). The only exception is the Capacity Planning tab in the Tasks dashboards because Capacity Planning requires both a Workflow and a Time & Billing license.





What Can I See in Dashboards?

Please Note: You will NOT be able to change the answer formats within Dashboards. The most appropriate answer format will be chosen as new ones are added to the dashboard.

Task Dashboard

KPIs: Open Tasks, Overdue Tasks, Percentage of complete tasks (displays the
number of tasks relative to all tasks that have been completed in [time frame]), Completed Tasks.


Task Completed This Year by Month: See how the firm is trending by completed projects (firm-wide data; see filter options below).

Task Count by Status: See how all projects span across the firm's statuses and easily identify if too many are blocked or need review.

Tasks By Assignee and Status: See a pivot table displaying all of the tasks each assignee has and which status they fall under.

Total Task & Subtask Budget vs. Logged Hours: See the progress on projects by assessing logged hours as a percentage of budgeted hours. Click directly on the task listed.

Each is filterable by the due date, assignee, and task return type.

Subtask Dashboard

Same information as the Task Dashboard above, but focused on Subtask data. Navigate to it by clicking Subtask in the top menu.


Capacity Planning

This is located in the Tasks dashboard, but it only will appear if you have a Workflow license.

Budgeted vs. Logged hours: See time for tasks/subtasks, like what was planned vs. what's been recorded; shown by the assignee.

KPIs: Average budgeted hours & average logged hours.

Overall Workload in Days & Weeks: See a pivot table of days or weeks of work budgeted by the assignee to make it easy to assess uneven distribution.

Canopy Tip: Click "show underlying data" to navigate straight to a task and re-assign.


Client Dashboard

KPIs: Active clients, Prospective Clients, Active Business Clients, Active Individual Clients

Client count by client state: See how the firm's clients are spread geographically. Drill down into each state to slice and dice with other available client data.

Client growth by month: Quickly see how the firm's client count has grown or diminished month by month.

Clients created by month: See net new client creation by month. Drill down by any other available client data (i.e. assignee or client owner).

Important Features

Alerts: Monitor changes in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with scheduled alerts. Receive notifications for your KPIs on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Create thresholds and indicate whether you want to be notified if it increases, decreases, or changes by a certain percentage.


Answers: Visualizations/widgets.


Card: Small, square widget that displays a number-- a part of the KPI watchlist.


Download/Export: Raw data is accessible directly within Canopy. You can also download or export a visualization, Liveboard, or raw data.


Drill down: Discover deeper insights by starting with an Answer. Right-click directly on a visualization and select the data point to refine your search for answers.


Filters: Get the most out of your data and visualizations by using our pre-made filters that show what's most important to your firm. Create a filter for each employee, role, assignment, service, month, location, etc.

Please Note: While you can add filters within Dashboards, you cannot save them for future reference. This is only available on our Insights feature, which is a part of the Pro plan. Feel free to access our Insights training here!


KPI Watchlist: An embedded string of widgets at the top of a page.


Liveboard: This is an interactive dashboard that groups a set of related visualizations/answers together.


Present & Share: Turn Liveboards into presentations. Each visualization gets its own slide so
that everyone can easily see it. You can perform interactions, like drill down, during a presentation without disrupting the flow itself. The screen turns the dashboard into a PowerPoint-like flow, where each visualization becomes a "slide" shown in full screen.


Scheduled reports: Emailed reports include either a CSV or a PDF of the shared Liveboard visualizations.


ThoughtSpot Resources

  • Click here for more help navigating Liveboards.

  • If you want more hands-on learning with Liveboards, click this link.

  • Stay updated on new releases from ThoughtSpot here.

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