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Get to Know the Canopy Home Page
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The Canopy Home Page is the first screen to load in Canopy for any client management user.

Utilizing the Canopy Home Page

Basic users, as well as admins, can view the Overview Dashboard after logging in to Canopy.

1. Click any events listed on the left side of the screen.

The Event Details window opens.


2. The Tasks pane displays tasks assigned to you with a due date associated.

  • Click View all tasks to navigate to the Tasks Dashboard.

  • Click on a task to open the Edit Task window.

  • Click on any of the blue numbers in the tasks modal to navigate directly to the respective tasks.

  • For more information on creating or editing tasks, refer to the Create a Task article.

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Viewing Tasks from the Canopy Dashboard

As an admin with a client management license, you can view tasks assigned to team members on the Home Dashboard.

1. On the Home Dashboard, click Admin.


2. Hover over any team member's block of tasks to see the number of tasks assigned.

Click on any block of tasks to navigate to the Tasks Dashboard.

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3. Tasks on the dashboard are color-coded to designate:

  • Overdue

  • Due this week

  • Due next week

  • Future

    • Future tasks include any assigned tasks due within the next three months.

4. Click the Canopy logo to return to the dashboard at any point.

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