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Connect an Email Account
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Once you sync an email account with Canopy, all email correspondence with a client is visible to everyone with access to that client’s record. This shared inbox experience provides you with a single location to interact with all email correspondence.

Connect an Email Account

1. Click on your profile on the global navigation bar.

2. Choose Settings on the pop-out menu.


3. Click Email & Calendar.


4. Click Accounts.


5. Click Add Account on the right side of the screen.


6. Select the option that best describes your email provider in the pop-up window.

  • If you don't see your email provider listed, click the Other Providers box.

  • Click the Provider drop-down menu.

  • If your email provider is not listed in that drop-down menu, scroll to the bottom of the list and click I don't see my provider.

  • Users connecting to a Yahoo Email Account will need to follow additional steps to connect to Canopy. Learn more from the Connect a Yahoo Email Account article.

A Note on Microsoft Accounts: As a practitioner, you might use several aliases associated with one email address. When attempting to sync your email in Canopy, if your username does not match the primary alias, it can cause an email login error.

To verify and fix this, open your Microsoft account and select your initials/picture in the top right corner. Under your name, it will show your username. In my example below, the username is [email protected].

Once you have verified the username, select "My profile", this will open up your email settings. Under the "Your info" tab, scroll down to "Account info". To the right of the primary alias, it will display "The email address you use to sign into your Microsoft account". If this doesn't match, we will need to change it by selecting "Edit account info".

Then next to the alias that matches the username select "Make primary".

Once this is done, sign out of the email account in any tabs or apps, and then try syncing with Canopy again!

Note that these settings may differ in your email, so contact your Email Admin to help change your account information.

7. Check the box in-line with any item you wish to sync with Canopy.

  • Calendar sync is only available for Gmail or Microsoft Exchange accounts.

  • Click Select.


8. Enter your login information for your email account.

  • Your email will take some time to connect to Canopy.

  • Depending on the email provider you select, your input options may vary.

    • If you have selected I don't see my provider, you will be prompted to enter your IMAP and SMTP information.

9. After entering your info, select Continue.


10. To assign Contact Types to your email contacts, click Next.


11. Scroll through your contacts and designate a Contact Type and an Entity Type for each email listed.

To prevent Canopy from importing the contact, leave the option set to Ignore.


12. When you’re done, click Finish.

If you would rather assign a Contact Type and Entity Type later, click Save & Finish Later.

If you want to manage the email contact import, click Manage Import in your Email Account Settings.


13. If needed, label your account.

Enter labels for internal and external accounts. This gives you more control over the names your clients see when you send emails.

Just remember that internal is what team members will see and external is what email recipients will see!


Import Email Contacts

The email contact import can take up to 10 minutes. Feel free to work on something else, navigate to another area within Canopy, or even log out. Canopy will continue working on importing your contact list information in the background. Once you have imported your email contacts, any emails sent to/received from that contact sync to Canopy. Change the Contact type from the contact’s record after the import.

1. Click on your profile on the global navigation bar and choose Settings on the pop-out menu.


2. Click Email & Calendar.


3. Click Accounts.

Select the appropriate account.


4. Click Manage contact import.


5. Scroll through the emails listed or search for a specific contact in the Search for a contact bar.

6. Click to specify a Contact Type and Entity Type.

  • Click Ignore under Contact Type for any contact you do not wish to see in Canopy.

  • For multiple email addresses associated with one client

    • Click Client, Other, or Prospect for one of the email addresses.

    • Click Ignore for the rest of the email addresses associated with that contact.

    • Designating one email address for the contact will prevent importing duplicate emails.

7. Click Finish to begin importing emails.

  • If you wish to import only some of the emails in your contact list and return to the rest later, click Save & Finish Later.

  • The pop-up window will close.

  • A notification will pop up to say your changes are saved.


Disconnect an Email Account

To change the settings of a shared email account, you must be the user who initially connected the account to Canopy. Other users will not be able to disconnect or edit the shared account.

1. Click on your profile on the global navigation bar.

2. Choose Settings on the pop-out menu.

This will take you to the Profile Settings page.


3. Click Email & Calendar.


4. Click Accounts.


5. Select an email account.

6. Click Remove Account.


A pop-up window will appear prompting you to keep or delete already imported emails.

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