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Set Notification Preferences
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Understanding Notification Types

Canopy has three notification types that you can choose from in your settings.

  • Banner Notifications: Banner notifications slide in from the top-right corner of Canopy and then disappear. Clicking on banner notifications takes you to that notification's associated content in Canopy.

  • Badge Notifications: Badge notifications are added to the counter bubble on your profile picture. Details for badge notifications can be found in the notification center by selecting Notifications from the profile popout menu.

  • Email notifications: Email notifications are sent to the email address stored in your profile settings. Email notifications contain a button that opens the notification's associated content in Canopy.

Please note that contact-related notifications will only appear for team members who are assigned to the relevant contact.

Set Notification Preferences

1. Click on your Profile on the global navigation bar.


2. Select Settings from the pop-out menu.


3. Select Notifications from the navigation wells.


4. Click on the product sector you want to adjust your notification preferences for.


5. In the expanded list, check the in-line box next to each notification type you want to receive for the associated event.

You can also uncheck boxes to stop receiving that notification type.

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