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FAQ | Calendar
Updated over a week ago

Here is a list of points to know when syncing your calendar in Canopy.

Why can’t I create a calendar event in Canopy?

You can't create calendar events if you don't have a Google or Microsoft calendar connected to Canopy.

What if I don’t have a Google or Microsoft account?

Canopy’s calendar syncs with any Google or Microsoft calendar only. Creating an account with either Google or Microsoft is simple and free. Refer to the links listed above to create an account.

Can I sync more than one email account to Calendar?

You can sync one (1) Google or Microsoft calendar to Canopy’s calendar at a time.

What happens when I sync my calendar?

Google/Microsoft calendar is mirrored 100% in Canopy. Upon syncing, events created in your Google/Microsoft calendar will immediately be reflected. Calendar permissions granted in your Google calendar will be reflected in Canopy.

Will my Google/Microsoft calendar reminders or tasks show in Canopy?

The events created in your Google calendar will be mirrored in the Canopy calendar. Reminders and other calendar-specific notifications will be displayed in the original Google/Microsoft calendar only.

Can calendars be shared between my coworkers and clients in Canopy?

Currently, only users with Google accounts will be able to see shared calendars reflected on their Canopy calendars.

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