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Customizing Firm Branding
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The customer branding options are mainly for the Client Portal experience - or the main hub where your customers go to view, sign or upload files.

To customize branding:

  1. Go to your initials or profile picture.

  2. Select Settings.

  3. Once there, select Custom Branding.

Add Firm's Domain

Customizing the domain name for your client portal site displays [your domain] - this is a white-labeled option, so your firm's brand can be shown off - no mention of Canopy!

Best Practice: One best practice is to paste the client portal domain link to your website for a nice, cohesive experience for your clientele!

If your domain is available, a green checkmark displays in the field.

When selecting a domain, be aware:

  • If you change your domain, your clients will be redirected from your previous domain to the new one for 30 days.

  • You will not be permitted to edit your domain during these 30 days.

Add Custom Links

The next section displays options for Custom Links - including:

  • Company website URL

  • An appointment scheduler URL - like Calendly

  • Or additional company links

These links appear on the client portal, so if you want them to visit your website or an appointment scheduler like Calendly, you can place those links here for their view.

Update Logos and Colors

Now, let’s talk about how to customize the client portal experience. The Client Portal is the client-facing site where you and your team of practitioners exchange info such as files, statements, or relevant info.

Your customized logo image appears on the login page of the Client Portal as well as within the portal itself. Logo images can also be included in emails and invoices sent from Canopy.

Click Upload Image to locate an image on your computer to upload.

Heads-up! Keep in mind that your image needs to be a .jpg, .jpeg, and .png format and the maximum file size for a logo image is 500 KB.

Your selected color enhances your practice's Client Portal, emails, and invoices sent out from Canopy.

You can customize your branding color by either selecting from the color palette or by entering your own custom color codes.

Customize Welcome Messaging

You can customize the welcome message that displays when your clients access the Client Portal.

You can say whatever you’d like here - you can also use this for high-level instructions or overview of what this page is to add a more helpful step as your onboard and exchange info with your clients.

Best Practice: Consider adding a description of your firm! Adding a description is a good way to introduce your firm to current and future clients. This way, they'll know they’ve come to the right place!

As you add logos, colors and a welcome message, you can preview your changes below at any time. You can view the Client Portal login, the portal itself and emails.

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