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Expense Management
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Now it is easier than ever to track billable and non billable expenses with expense management.

In this video:

  • How to create an expense

  • How to add an expense to an invoice

Create a new expense

Expenses work similar to time entries. You can create an expenses item to keep track of any miscellaneous expenses you would like to add to a client's account. This could include software fees, shipping costs etc.

To create a new expense:

  • Go to Billing.

  • Click on Expense. It will open to the Expenses table. This table allows you to quickly view all your expenses in one spot. You can easily filter each column by selecting the arrow next to the category and applying the condition.

  • Click add expense (this table is the only place to add a new expense). You will notice there are blue asterisks next to a few categories. These are required fields and include the date, expense number, client name and amount. The other fields are not required but are recommended.

  • Start by adding a date.

  • Note that the expense number is auto calculated so you can’t change this number.

  • Add the Client with the dropdown

  • Add note to describe the expense - ex. Fedex shipping

  • You can add a team member who is associated with this expense.

  • Use the toggle to Mark this item as billable or not.

  • Click Save.

Your new expense will populate on your expense list.

  • View an expense by clicking on the expense number.

  • Archive an expense by using the check box and selecting the archive button at top.

    • If you would like to view archived or billed expenses you can do so by clicking on the 3 dots at the top.

    • If you need to delete an expense, You can delete an expenses from the archived menu or you can also unarchive from here as well.

Add to invoice

After you have created an expense you may want to add it to an invoice. To learn more about creating invoices you can watch this video which goes into more detail.

To invoice expenses:

  • Click on the Global + Button.

  • Select invoice.

  • To add an expense you will select +add time and expenses. Here you will see all time entries and expense active in your client’s record.

  • Use the checkboxes to select the items you want to include in the invoice.

  • To help you distinguish between your time entries and expenses there is a column with Type. If you click on Type you can filter either alphabetically, or show only time entries, or expenses.

  • Selected the items you want to add to your invoice select Invoice Entries at the top.

You will notice that each expense is auto categorized as an “expense service”. You can change the description in the description box.

Once you have added all your line items to your invoice you can select preview to see what the invoice looks and if everything looks correct you can press send.

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