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Get Familiar With Expenses
Get Familiar With Expenses
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What's in this Article

As you incur client-related expenses in your firm, you can record the expenses and include them on client invoices. Expenses can look different for every firm, but some examples could include:

  • Shipping/mailing expenses

  • Software usage fees

  • Travel costs

  • Training costs

  • Legal/regulatory fees

  • Printing/reproduction costs

Find Expenses

1. Click Billing in the main nav bar of Canopy, then select Expenses.


Once you click Expenses, the Expenses table populates.

Understand the Table

Expense #

Clicking the hyperlink opens up an edit window for the expense. Sort alphabetically and filter by condition.


Client Name

The client who is associated with the expense. Selecting the hyperlink takes you to the client record. Filter by condition.



Date the expense was created. This date is editable by practitioners. Sort by time.



A description of the expense that was added. This is not a required field. Filter by condition.


Team Member

Team member associated with the Expense. This is not a required field. Sort alphabetically and filter by condition.



Expense cost. Sort by amount and filter by condition.



This field will show blank (non-billable) or with a checkmark (billable), depending on your choices when adding the expense. Sort alphabetically and filter by billable/non-billable.



In time, you may have a lot of expenses recorded in this area. Not to worry, just use the arrows to go to the next or previous page. You can also choose the number of items shown on one page

  • 50

  • 100

  • 200

  • All


Now that you know the basics of the Expenses table, let's walk through recording a new expense.

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