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Get Familiar With Roles
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What's in this Article

This is a way for you to have a field on the Client Record that designates a Role in your firm. Teams and Team Members can be added to Roles. Certain teams and team members work on certain things within a Client Record, which is where Roles come in.

Use Cases

Roles that match work: Bookkeeper, Auditor, Tax Preparer (Jr./Sr.), etc.: This is handy when you don't care who works on a client's projects/tasks [insert task here -- April Bookkeeping, tax return, etc.] and you just want to have it queued up and ready to be worked on by the next available person.

Teams: You might have a team that is composed of 1 bookkeeper, 1 tax preparer, etc.: In this case, you can assign a team to a client record. This could particularly be helpful the more an accounting firm works to get their clients on their "full suite" of services offered.

Other roles like Client relationship director, partner, payroll, etc.; For firms with fewer than 10 firm members: Roles, in particular, are a great way to assign work (especially to templates) and not lose any work if a firm member is out of town or leaves the firm. There is no manual re-assignment of tasks. The users assigned to the role can be assigned to tasks that are already created or to tasks that will be created with templates.

Navigate the Roles Tab

1. Click your profile picture/initials in the bottom left of Canopy.


2. Select Settings.


3. Go to Team Organization.


4. Click the Roles tab.


5. Review the three columns shown.


1. Role - title given for the Role

2. Date Created - who created the Role and when

3. Applied To - shows the number of records the Role has been applied to

6. Select the three stacked dots to edit or delete a Role.


Create a Role

1. Under the Roles tab in the Team Organization settings, click Create role on the top right.


2. In the text field, type a name for the Role.


3. Click Save to create the Role.


Assign a Role From the Client Record

1. Navigate to a client record in Canopy.

2. On the top right, click the blue Manage Assignments button.


3. From the list, select team members you want to associate with the Role.


4. Click Save.


Saving this in the Client Record saves the selected team members to the Roles moving forward throughout Canopy.

Bulk Assign Roles From the Client List

1. Navigate to the Client List in Canopy.


2. Select a few checkboxes in line with some clients.


3. Next to the folder icon on the right, select the three stacked dots.

2024-05-08_10-38-43 a.jpg

4. Click Manage assignments.


5. Add the team members you want to a role.


6. Click Save to add the Roles to the selected clients.


Edit a Role

1. Under the Roles tab in the Team Organization settings, click the three stacked dots in line with a Role.


2. Select Edit Role.


3. Make any necessary changes to the name of the Role.


4. Once done, click Save.


Delete a Role

1. Under the Roles tab in the Team Organization settings, click the three stacked dots in-line with a Role.


2. Select Delete Role.


3. Click Confirm to complete the deletion.

A message lets you know the following: "This role is currently assigned to (X) users and (X) team on (X) client records. All users assigned to this role will maintain access to client records, but they will no longer be associated with this role."

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