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Create a New Team
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Team members can be assigned to specific teams, with different access and permissions in Canopy.

Best Practice: One powerful way to utilize teams is to set folder permissions (and more, as functionality grows) for different teams. When you onboard new team members, you can add them to a specific team and have all of the team's permissions immediately apply to the new team member. No more sharing each file and folder with new team members one file at a time.

Create a New Team

1. Navigate to your Settings in Canopy and click on the Team Organization in the left-side column.


2. Click on the Teams tab.


3. Click on the Create team button.


4. Enter a Team name in the provided text box.


5. Click on the Select team members field.

6. Click on each team member you want to add to the new team.

  • You can search for team members using the provided search box.

  • Selected team members are indicated with a green checkbox.


7. Click Done to close the team member selection dropdown.


8. Enter a Team description and Select a color for the team.


9. Click Create team to add all selected team members to the new team.

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