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Set User Service Rates
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Canopy allows each user to have a unique rate for hourly service items. If unique rates are not set for a team member, they will use the service item's default rate. All of a user's service rates can be edited in the billing settings.

Unique user service rates can only be applied to hourly service items that you've previously set up in Canopy. For help creating service items, please refer to the Manage Service Items article.‍

Set User Service Rates

1. Click on your profile on the global navigation bar and select Settings from the pop-out menu.


2. Choose Billing Settings from the navigation wells.


3. Click on the User Rates tab.


4. Click on the dash (β€”) in the Adjusted Service Rates column for the team member you want to set unique service rates.

If a User Rate has already been applied to that team member, you can click on the [X] Rates text to edit User Rates or apply new User Rates.


5. Input a User Rate in the provided box for each hourly service item for which you want to set a unique rate.

  • Please note: Only hourly service items can have defined unique rates.

  • User rates must be a positive, non-zero number.


6. Click Save to apply the unique User Rates.

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