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Set User Rates & Service Rates for Billing
Set User Rates & Service Rates for Billing
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Canopy allows you to set custom rates for each team member in Canopy. You can also set a default company rate. These rates can be applied to WIP reports and invoices for any time entries not associated with a specific service.

Set User Rates

1. To set a user's rate, navigate to your Settings in Canopy.

2. Click Billing Settings on the left column.

If you do not see this option, you likely do not have access to the Billing and Payments permission.


3. Click on the User Rates tab.


4. To change the default company rate, input a new rate in the in-line Rate box.

The Saved icon will refresh to save any changes.


5. To change the rate of a team member, input a new rate in the respective in-line Rate box.

  • Leave a team member's rate box empty to allow them to use the Default Rate.

  • The Saved icon will refresh to save any changes.


Set User Service Rates

Canopy allows each user to have a unique rate for hourly service items. If unique rates are not set for a team member, they will use the service item's default rate.

Use Cases:

Rates for More Experienced Staff or Specialized Services: A CPA at your firm typically doesn’t perform tax preparation for individual clients, but took on a special case and wants to charge a higher rate for when they perform that service.

Rates for Discounts: Your firm is trying to get more bookkeeping clients and you want to offer those services at a discounted rate for a few of your staff members.

Special Cases: Your firm typically doesn’t offer a service like auditing to the majority of your clients, but there are some exceptions you make for large clients. In these cases, you want to charge a higher rate when a designated staff member performs these services.

1. Click on the dash (—) in the Adjusted Service Rates column for the team member you want to set unique service rates.

If a User Rate has already been applied to that team member, you can click on the [X] Rates text to edit User Rates or apply new User Rates.


2. Input a User Rate in the provided box for each hourly service item if you want to set a unique rate for.

  • Please note: Only hourly service items can have defined unique rates.

  • User rates must be a positive, non-zero number.


3. Click Save to apply the unique User Rates.

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