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View Bulk Email History
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Keep track of who sent bulk emails and when with a review of your bulk email history. If a bulk email was sent in error, you can also stop an email while it is in progress.

Find Bulk Email History

Keep in mind that only an Admin user of Canopy can access bulk email history. You can access the bulk email history in your account settings or by following the steps listed below.

1. On the Client List, click the Options icon on the right side of the screen.

A menu will drop down.


2. Click View bulk emails.

Your Bulk email history screen will load.


3. Alternatively, you can navigate to your Settings page in Canopy.


4. Click Email & Calendar on the left-side column.


5. Click Bulk email history on the dropdown menu.


Review Bulk Email History Details

The Bulk email history screen will show you a complete history of the bulk emails sent from Canopy.

1. Click on an email to view details.


2. On the Sent Email screen, details of the bulk email include:

  • Date sent

  • Number of Clients the email was sent to

  • Percentage of clients who Opened or Replied to the message


3. Click Preview email.


A preview of the email you sent shows in a pop-up window. Click the X in the top right corner to close the preview window.

4. Type a Search for a specific client to see the date when the email was sent to them and whether they opened or replied to the email.


5. Click Bulk email history to return to the Bulk email history screen.

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