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Using the Client Portal Manager
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Inviting a client to Canopy enables your client to share files, complete the client survey, pay invoices, and more. Bulk client invites can be sent using the Client Portal manager.

Use the Client Portal Manager

The Client Portal Manager allows admins to see who’s been invited to the Client Portal, when the user last logged in, and what client records the user has access to. You can also send and resend invites to the client portal in bulk. This saves time by not having to access each individual record to view these details and resend invitations to the Client Portal.

To get started, click Clients on the global navigation bar.

1. Choose Manage Client Portals.


Invite Clients to the Client Portal in Bulk

Invite multiple clients at one time using the client portal manager. If needed, you can invite an individual client through the same process. Our best practice recommendation is to utilize the Client Portal Manager as much as possible.

1. Click Without client portals to view a list of your clients that have no recorded access to the Client Portal.


2. Click the checkbox in line with each client you want to invite to the Client Portal.

If there is no email address listed for the client, the checkbox will not be available to click.


3. Click Send Invite.


4. If needed, toggle the Include a personalized message switch to add a message to the Client Portal invite email.

If available, click the Templates icon to use an email template for your message.


5. If needed, type a message to your clients in the start typing your message field.

This message applies to all invite emails sent to the clients you previously selected.

6. Click Send.

Review Client Portal Access

Review which clients have access to the Client Portal when the clients last logged in, and other details in the Client Portal Manager.

1. Click With portal users.


2. Filter clients by clicking the drop-down menu.

Available filters include:

  • Show all

  • Show all invited but not accepted

  • Show all who have logged in


3. Track your client's activity in the Client Portal by referring to the columns on the All Client Portal Users screen.

Canopy did not record any web sessions, or instances of Client Portal usage, until February 2018. Any web sessions before this will not be counted on this screen.

Email Inactive Column: In this same section of Canopy, you can view which clients have emails marked as inactive in the software. When an email comes back as undeliverable, we do not continue to send emails to that address.

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