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Send Client Portal Invites From a Client Record

Any team member with access to a client can invite a client to the client profile.

Quickly send a client portal invite from an individual Client Record. From here, you can also remove access and resend invites to the client portal.

To get started, find the client record you want to invite.

1. Find the Client Portal section within the Client Record.


2. Select the "+" in the Client Portal box.


3. Click the box next to the client's name.

  • You can also invite others by clicking +Add another person and entering the email.

  • There is also an option to include a personalized message if you so choose!


4. Select Send.


You'll see a pop-up confirming the invite was sent.


5. View the status of the invite by referring to the Client Portal section.

To view multiple statuses at a time, track them in the Manage Client Portals section of Canopy.


6. To invite others to one client portal, just repeat steps 1 through 4.

Send Client Portal Invites Throughout Canopy

You can invite a client to the Client Portal when sending a client survey, sharing a file, or when sending an eSign request. Keep in mind, that certain processes are available only after the purchase of certain licenses.

1. In the Client Portal window, check the box in line with the client’s email address.

  • If needed, click Add another person to add an email address.

  • Type the email address of any additional recipients in the Enter the Email of a New Person textbox.

  • Click Add.

  • The Client Portal window prompts you throughout various processes such as:

    • Sending Client Requests

    • Sending eSign Requests

    • Making Files Visible to Clients

2. Toggle the Include a personalized message switch to add a message to the email invite.

  • You can type your message in the available text field.

  • If applicable, click Templates to use a message template in this field.


3. Click Send.

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