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Delete Clients

1. Navigate to the Client List in Canopy and click on the Options menu on the top right.

2. Select Archived clients from the pop-out menu.

3. Right-click and select Delete client on each client you want to permanently delete from Canopy.

You can also use the provided search box in the top right to search for a specific client.

Deleting a Client is Permanent: Once you delete a client from Canopy, it cannot be restored. Please be certain that you want to delete the client.

4. Click the back arrow to return to the Client List.

Delete Clients from Client Records

1. Select Clients from the global navigation bar.


2. Type the client name in the Search clients... field and select their name.

3. Click the dropdown arrow in the client record and select Delete.


4. Review the information in the warning popup and select Delete client.


View Deleted Clients

1. Select your profile picture/initials and click on Activity Log.


2. Select the dropdown arrow on the Action taken column and apply the Deleted filter.


3. View information for Deleted clients.

Information includes:

  • Action taken (Deleted)

  • Action taken by (Team member)

  • Date

  • Client


Note: Keep in mind that you cannot view deleted clients' client records. View a summary of a deletion in the Activity Log to have more visibility on who deleted a client and when.

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