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Create Folders
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Create Folders

1. Click Files in Canopy and select an applicable folder option:

  • Select Client Files to create a new folder inside a specific client's folder. View the Managing Files section for more information.

  • Select Internal Files to create a folder that is accessible to you and your team members.

  • Select My Files to create a folder that only you can access.


2. Click the New Folder icon.

A popup window will appear.


3. Enter a folder name.


4. Go to Set folder access to give team members and teams access.


5. Click Create.


The new folder will appear and can be double-clicked to open.

Add a Folder From the Client Record

Folders can also be assigned to a specific client from within their record.

1. Click the Files tab in a client record.


2. Click the New Folder icon.


3. Enter a folder name in the popup window's text box.


4. Click Create.


Please Note: Folders are not visible to clients in the client portal until a file is added to the folder.

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