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Upload a Folder to Canopy
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Compatibility: Folders must be zipped or compressed before uploading to Canopy. Unzipped folders will not be uploaded.

You can upload a folder to a client's folder in Canopy, the Internal Files screen, or the My Files screen. To upload a folder to Canopy, you need to compress or zip the folder on your computer first.

Upload a Folder to Canopy

1. Click Files on the global navigation bar and select an upload location.

  • Click My Files to upload a folder only accessible to you.

  • Click Internal Files to upload a folder only accessible to you and your team members.

  • On the Client Files page, double-click on a specific client's folder to upload a folder to that client's files. This folder is accessible to those who have permission to access the specific client’s files.


2. Click the Options menu icon.


3. Choose Upload a folder.


The How to upload folders popup shows basic instructions to continue the upload process.


4. Click and drag the zip file folder to the Upload a Folder popup.

The zipped file will load onto the selected files page.


5. Right-click the zipped file.

6. Select Unzip.

  • The folder now loads normally in Canopy.

  • Double-click the folder to view the files stored in it.

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