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Apply a Folder Template
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Once a folder template is created and saved in Account Settings, you can apply it to clients from the Client List.

Apply a Folder Template

1. Click Clients on the left-side navigation bar and then select Client List.


2. Check the checkbox in line with each client you want to include when applying the folder template.


3. Click the Add Folder Templates icon.


4. Select a folder template from the Folder Templates window.

  • Verify the folder template you are applying is correct, as this action cannot be undone.

  • Once the template has been applied, go through each client individually to remove any applied folders.

5. Click Apply.

You will receive a notification when the folder templates have been applied.


Apply Folder Templates From a Client Record

Folder Templates can also be applied to an individual client from the record. To get started, select a Client.

1. Choose the Files tab in the client record.


2. Click on the Add folder templates icon in the Files modal.


3. Select a template by checking the in-line checkbox.


4. Click Apply.

The folder template will be added to the client's files modal.

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