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Bulk Copy Files
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As a practitioner, you'll often need to add one or many files to several clients at a time. Choose clients to copy existing files from Internal or My Files to clients with Bulk Copy Files. Verify a successful bulk copy in the Activity Log.

Helpful Tips:

  • There is no way to undo the Bulk Copy File action.

  • You cannot copy a file to active and inactive clients at the same time.

Bulk Copy Files

1. Select Clients in the Nav bar and Client List.


2. Click the boxes next to a client's name to bulk copy files.


3. Click the three stacked dots on the right side of the list and select Bulk copy files.


4. Select Internal files, My files, or Recently viewed to find the file.


5. Choose the file you want to copy and click Select.


To select multiple files press shift as you click on the needed documents. To select a whole list of files:

  1. Press Shift.

  2. Click the file at the beginning of your list.

  3. Scroll down and click the last file on the list.

The feature is only available for files. You cannot Bulk Copy folders yet. An error message populates when a folder is selected, rather than a file.


6. This message appears at the bottom of your screen.


Verify a Successful Bulk Copy File Action

Depending on your notification settings, you will receive confirmation via email and/or the Notifications area in Canopy. Your email and/or notification center shows whether the copy action was fully successful, partially successful, or completely unsuccessful.


The email notification looks like this:


In-App Notifications

1. Click your profile and Notifications to view Notifications.


The Notification area shows this:


Canopy Note: Copying files to a few clients is fast, but it could take some time for a bulk set of clients to show files copied over.

Activity Log

1. Click your profile picture and then Activity log to review the action.


The action looks like this in the Activity log:

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