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Purchase Knowledge-Based Credits (KBA) for eSign
Purchase Knowledge-Based Credits (KBA) for eSign
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You can view your knowledge-based (KBA) credits balance and purchase more credits from the Account Management tab in Settings.

Purchase Knowledge-Based Credits (KBA) for eSign

1. Click on your profile in the global navigation bar and select Settings.


2. Select Account Management.


3. To view your remaining balance of KBA credits, scroll down to the Knowledge-based Authentication section of the Subscription tab.


4. To purchase more credits, click Purchase credits.

To purchase credits, you must have a default payment method already set.


5. Input the number of KBA credits you want to buy in the Additional KBA credits box.

The Total due will be updated according to the entered quantity.


6. Click Continue.


7. Verify the purchase information and click Confirm and pay.

The total cost will be charged to your default payment method and your Remaining credits will update on the Credits tab of your Account Management screen.

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