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File Migration With the Desktop Assistant
File Migration With the Desktop Assistant
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The File Migration tool is an enhancement of the Canopy Desktop Assistant that allows you to transfer entire file structures from your PC to Canopy Files.

Upload Client Folders with File Migration

To get started, open the Desktop Assistant by clicking the Tray Icon in the Windows taskbar.

1. Click on the Settings icon in the Desktop Assistant.

2. Choose Open Migration Tool from the dropdown menu.


3. Upon first use, click through the Getting Started guide.

The guide will offer 3 pages of tutorial information. Be sure to read through the information to gain a detailed understanding of the File Migration tool.


4. Drag and drop relevant client folders to the File Migration tool to upload them to Canopy.

Alternatively, you can click Browse to search for client folders in an upload menu.

Please Note: Only folders can be migrated to Canopy with the File Migration tool. Standalone files are not available for migration.


5. To assign a folder to an existing client in Canopy, click Assign in-line with the relevant folder.

  • Input a Client Name and select an existing client.

  • Folders that have been Smart Matched will already have a client assigned. Click on the Assigned Client to assign the folder to a different client.

  • Smart Matched folders will have an SM icon between the client name and the folder options menu.


6. To delete a folder, click on the Options menu in-line with a relevant folder.

Choose Delete from the pop-out menu.


7. Click Upload Assigned to upload all assigned folders to Canopy.

Note that only assigned folders can be uploaded to Canopy.


8. To view file upload status, click on the Uploads tab.


View and Filter Completed Uploads

1. In the file migration tool, click on the Uploads tab.

2. Choose Completed from the window selection dropdown menu.


3. To sort completed uploads, click on the Sort by dropdown menu.

4. Select an option from the dropdown menu.

Available options: Last uploaded, A-Z, and Z-A.


Enable Smart Match

File Migration’s Smart Matching feature allows for file structures to be intelligently linked to your clients in Canopy based on the name of your migrating folders.

1. Open the File Migration tool in the Canopy Desktop Assistant and click the Options menu.

2. Choose Enable Smart Match from the dropdown menu.

If Smart Match is already enabled, you will only see the option to Disable Smart Match.

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