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Set Default Invoice Settings
Set Default Invoice Settings
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Many of the Invoice default settings can be customized in Canopy to speed up your invoicing process by eliminating the repetition of setting up the perfect invoice.

Set Default Invoice Settings

1. Toggle the Include Spouse Name option on or off.

  • This is a global option to always include spouse names on invoice PDFs.

  • However, the spouse name will only populate if one is listed in the spouse field on the client record that is selected to send the invoice.


2. Navigate to the Settings page and select Billing Settings from the left-side column.


3. Choose whether to show line items as Grouped or Separated.

  • Grouped: All time entries will be grouped together as a single invoice item. A single description will be added to the grouped service item.

  • Separated: All time entries are listed as separate line items on the invoice. Individual descriptions for each time entry will be included on the invoice.


4. Check each Column you want to display on your invoices.


5. Select the default Payment Terms.

  • Options include Due on receipt, Net 10, Net 15, Net 30, Net 45, Net 60, and Custom.

  • Net options will set the payment due date to the selected number of days after the invoice date.


6. Select whether to show Terms and Conditions on your invoices.


Type your Terms and Conditions into the provided text box.


7. Click Save changes.


Set Invoice Reminder Settings

Within your invoice settings, you can also set the cadence for how you would like reminders to be delivered to users. You can choose to send reminders before, on, or after the invoice due date and you can customize the message for any of the selections. You can also customize which clients receive these reminders.

1. Navigate to the Settings page and select Billing Settings from the left-side column.


2. Scroll down to view the Reminders well.


3. In the Setup section, toggle the reminders you want to configure.


4. For the days before or days after reminders, input the number of days you want the reminder to be sent before or after the due date.


5. Use the provided text box for each active reminder to write a reminder message for clients.

  • Each reminder option has its own text box allowing you to customize reminders sent before, on, or after the due date.

  • All reminders include the Invoice number, Invoice due date, and Outstanding account balance along with a link to Make a payment.

  • You can preview the reminder email in the right Sample section.


6. In the Client Rules section, click the dropdown to select All, Exclude, or Include.


Selecting Exclude or Include populates another dropdown for Clients or Tags. This section also includes a field to search and select clients or tags.


7. Select Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Changes go into effect the following day.

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