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Create an Invoice
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In-App Guide: You can follow an in-app guide to Create an Invoice by clicking here.

Time entries, services, and user rates can all be added to an invoice in Canopy. They can show an itemized breakdown or a single-line invoice.

For information about how to create a Recurring Invoice, follow the Create a Recurring Invoice article.

Create an Invoice

1. Click the Global Add Button.


2. Select Invoice from the slide-in menu.


3. Search for and select a Client for the Client Name.


4. Enter an Invoice #.

By default, the invoice number is #0001 (if it's your very first Invoice).

Canopy Tip: If you don't enter an invoice number of your own, Canopy automatically numbers the invoice, starting with the default #0001, and continues to number invoices sequentially (#0002, #0003, etc.), only if you do not number them yourself.

For example, say you decided to go with the default #0001 invoice number. The next invoice you create defaults to #0002 and so on.

However, Canopy does not sequentially order invoices on manual invoice numbers you enter!

5. As needed, change the Invoice Date.

The date will automatically be set to the current date.


6. As needed, change the Terms for when payment is due.

The Due Date will automatically update to reflect changes to the Terms.


7. Select which columns to display on the invoice by checking their category in the Columns dropdown menu under the Gear icon.

  • Column options are Service, Description, Quantity, Rate, Assignee, Date, Task, Subtask, Discount, and Tax.

  • Click Done to update the visible columns.

  • These are the columns that will be visible on the final invoice.

  • Be sure to select how the line items are organized by clicking the Line Items dropdown.

8. Select the Include spouse name checkbox if needed.

  • A box is already checked if you applied this option from the billing settings. See the article here to do this!

  • This is a local option to include spouse names on invoice PDFs.

  • However, the spouse name will only populate if one is listed in the spouse field on the contact record that is selected to send the invoice.


9. Complete your line item invoice information.

  • Input a Service Item.

  • Fill out each visible column.

    • The columns will automatically update to reflect the service item's information.

  • As needed, click + Add line item to add an additional service to the invoice.


Good to Know: We recommend that your firm add as much detail as possible when creating time entries. Time entry details, like the date, the task, and the assigned team member, are visible on invoices.
You can also use targeted write-ups/write-downs on invoices. This adjusts the amount owed based on the work finished by specific team members. This gives you greater clarity in the Team Member Productivity report and can help you make better decisions.


10. As needed, click + Add saved time to add previously saved time entries to the invoice.

  • On the saved time screen, check each time entry you want to add to the invoice.

  • Click Invoice Entries to add the selected entries to your invoice.


Best Practice: Level up your reporting game by adding more details to invoices! When creating an invoice, you'll now see four additional columns: Assignee, Date, Task, and Subtask. These columns will autofill with the information from added time entries.

11. Toggle Single Line Invoice to create an invoice that shows only a description and the totals due.

  • After toggling Single Line Invoice, you will not be able to edit your service items and time entries. To edit services again, toggle Single Line Invoice to off.

  • Enter a Description for the Single Line Invoice. Your description will be shown in place of the services.


12. To add a Client Note, switch the Client Note toggle to green.


13. To include Terms and Conditions, switch the Terms and Conditions toggle to green.


14. Click Preview to see how your invoice will look.


15. Click Send to send your invoice to your client.

Alternatively, you can Save, Download, or Print the invoice by clicking on the associated icon.

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