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Create a Work in Progress (WIP) Report
Create a Work in Progress (WIP) Report
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You can create reports for any Work In Progress (WIP) you have with a client. WIP reports can be added to invoices, allowing you to bill clients at any time while working on a project rather than only when a project is complete. You can also print WIP Reports from Canopy.

Navigate to the Work in Progress (WIP) Report

1. Click Time on the global navigation bar.


2. Select WIP Report from the slide-in menu.


3. As needed, change the date filter by clicking on the date dropdown menu.


Print WIP Reports

1. To print a WIP report, click on the print icon on the top-right of the page.

  • You can filter the list before printing if you need specific information.

  • Once the printer icon is selected, a new window populates. From there, choose to download or print!

    • If the PDF takes too long to generate, Canopy emails you a copy of it.


Link a Time Entry to an Invoice

To clear a WIP report, follow these steps for linking time entries to invoices.

1. Select a Client from the list.


2. Check all time entries you want to add to an invoice.


3. Click Add to invoice.


For new invoices, refer to the Create an Invoice article for more help.


5. Select an invoice on the slide-in panel.

  • You may need to filter the recent invoices panel or add a recurring invoice to the selected client.

  • Any invoice can be selected except for archived invoices.


The time entry will link up to the selected invoice.


Manage Linked Time Entries

1. Navigate to the Billing tab in the Client Record.


2. Select Invoices.


3. Open the desired Invoice.


4. Click on the time entry icon.

If a time entry is applied to the invoice, this icon populates.


5. In the pop-up window, view linked time entry details.


6. To remove linked time, select time entries and click Remove.

Removing linked time in this window will only unlink the time entry to the invoice. It will not delete the time entry. To delete a time entry, follow the steps in this article!


Auto-Link Time Entries for Recurring Invoices

Auto-Linking Time Entries:


Canopy auto-links time entries to the corresponding service items, even if they pre-date the invoice. This helps invoice amounts and line items stay as accurate as possible.

Double-check that time entries and recurring invoices have the same client and at least one matching service item. If it doesn't meet these criteria, it won't auto-link.

Additional WIP Report Column:


The Auto-link column in a client's WIP report shows if a time entry is scheduled to link to an invoice.


Toggle off the Show scheduled auto-link time option to hide these entries in the report to help you focus on important billing decisions and keep the WIP report clutter-free.

Editing Existing Recurrences:

You can even update existing recurrences and activate the auto-link time option. This applies to both new and previously-created recurring invoices.

Once you enable this, any following time entries auto-link to invoices, which makes your process less hands-on.

Removing Service Items:

Note that removing a service item from a recurring invoice doesn't automatically remove linked time entries. Please take into account the impact on reporting when making these changes!

Time Entry Linking Process:

Time entries auto-link to the next outstanding invoice and link when Canopy creates the invoice. Through this process, the WIP report displays these entries, clearly showing the scheduled auto-link.

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