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Invoices Dashboard Overview
Invoices Dashboard Overview
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The Invoices Dashboard displays YTD Revenue and Outstanding Invoices charts as well as dollar amounts for total invoices past due and total dollar amount outstanding.

Invoices Dashboard Overview

1. To get started, click Billing on the global navigation bar.

2. Choose Invoices from the slide-in menu.


3. YTD Revenue will show you how much revenue your practice has brought in thus far.

This chart is based on the calendar year: January to December.


4. Total Past Due displays the total dollar amount of invoiced dollars that are past due.


5. Total Outstanding displays the total dollar amount of all outstanding invoices.


6. The Outstanding Invoices chart displays what portions of your outstanding invoices are:

  • Current

  • 1-30 Days Past Due

  • 31-60 Days Past Due

  • 61-90 Days Past Due

  • 91+ Days Past Due

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