Navigate the Payments Dashboard
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Applicable Roles/Permissions/Licenses

  • Roles: Any

  • Permissions: Payments; Create, Edit, & Send Payments

  • Licenses: Time & Billing

The Payments Dashboard will only display for users who have enrolled in Canopy Payments. If you have not enrolled in Canopy Payments, you will not see these charts.

Navigate the Payments Dashboard

1. Click Billing and choose Payments from the slide-in menu.


2. The Payments Collected and Payment Methods charts default to displaying total payments collected and payment methods used in the last seven days.


3. Filter the Payments Collected chart by clicking on the in-line dropdown menu.


4. Select the applicable range you wish to see displayed. Select from:

  • Current week

  • Last week

  • Last month

  • Custom

5. Enter a specific Start Date and End Date or select them from the calendar provided.

6. Click Apply.


7. Filter the Payment Methods chart by clicking on the in-line dropdown menu.


8. Click Deposits to view the deposits dashboard.

Refer to this dashboard for more insight into when payments are deposited into your associated account.


9. Select Credit Card to view and filter credit card transactions.


10. Select ACH to view and filter ACH transactions.

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