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Updated Transcript Request Process | FAQ
Updated Transcript Request Process | FAQ
Updated over a week ago

Do I need to do any extra steps (similar to A2A in the previous experience)?

Follow the sign-in steps here. The only steps for the sign-in will be to complete the sign-in flow on the IRS eServices site which includes login, 2-Factor Authentication, organization selection, and ISP grant access (only the first time logging in with ISP flow). The flow is exactly the same as if they were to log in through the TDS.

How simple is it to log in?

The process gets simpler with each login if you haven't closed your browser. The eServices site is still logged in and all you need to do is click the Login button in Canopy to create a new token.

If you do a bulk request when the session times out, will it complete the bulk request or will we have to sign back in to resume? Or do you have to manually go back and request?

We have an error message when a login token expires. You need to log in again. If this is a bulk request where some requests were successful before the token expired, the remaining requests will automatically start once you log in again.

Does the “retrying requests” feature still work when I get an error?

We no longer do auto-retry with this update. As for manual retry, you can click the retry icon if you have an active session. When you click the retry button without an active session, you're prompted to log in.

If I do need to sign in, what are the notifications? Will I get an email, badge, or both?

You will receive an email and transcripts notification badge if you have past-due scheduled requests and need to sign in.

If my session times out during a request, what notifications are there? Email, badge, or both?

It will populate an error message. When you log back in, Canopy will automatically start the request over again.

If I set up a recurrence, will I get a notification to sign in again to do that?

Yes, the system sends an email and a notification each day when recurring transcript requests for that day or any day previous are pending.

Can I have multiple businesses signed in at the same time?

No, you will only be able to log in to Canopy as one of your organizations at any given time. If you must use multiple organizations to request transcripts you will need to alternate log-ins to do so.

Can I have multiple organizations with different CAF numbers?

Yes. This will not change from the previous experience. Organizations used previously still appear in the organization's drop-down menu when you request a transcript. You can also use whatever associated CAF number for the organization.

On top of that, does the system tell me when I have the wrong organization selected when setting up a request? Would the transcript settings save for the specific organization?

The transcripts settings will save the previously-used organization for that client. If the organization does not have an active session when you attempt the request, a prompt pops up to sign in with the IRS.

Does the last successful request column say which organization it came from?

No, but you can click on the settings icon to see which organization you have set up with the specific request!

How many transcripts can I request in the hour-long session?

As many as the IRS servers are able to process in the allotted time.

What do notifications look like with scheduled requests or errors that pop up?

Error notifications will not change. Notifications around scheduled requests will stay the same. In addition, there will be a daily notification if there are requests in the queue.

Where do I log in: the integrations section, global transcripts, or client-level transcripts tab?

You can log in to the IRS from any of those areas. There will also be a sign-in prompt when you select Request Transcripts before sign-in

If I switch organizations, does it try to request every single form again or will it save the selected forms from the last request?

The manage forms settings do not change when switching organizations. The same selections will exist until you enter the manage forms and make a new selection.

Is there any limit on how long the transcript is visible? Can I still view, print, save to Canopy files, or download the reports and documents after the session expires? Or would I need to sign in again to do that?

No, none of this will change. You do not need to be actively signed in with a session to view requested transcripts. Once it is in Canopy, you can access all the information at any time. You only need to sign in to make a new transcript request.

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