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Updated Transcript Request Process
Updated Transcript Request Process
Updated over a week ago

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The IRS has updated its transcript integration to require more frequent logins. The session login lasts for 1 hour, at which point you need to log in again to continue your session.

Where to Sign In to the IRS

Global Transcripts page


Client Transcripts page


You can also see the new Sign In prompt on the integrations page

There will also be a prompt to Sign in to the IRS any time you click to request a transcript if you aren't in an active session


Processes

When you click Sign in to the IRS, a new tab opens with the IRS eServices login. Also, be sure to have a valid authorization (Form 2848 or 8821) on file with the IRS prior to submitting requests.

Note: These steps are similar to how you would access the Transcript Delivery System.

1. Click Sign in with

2. Enter your credentials to Sign in.

3. Complete the 2FA steps.

4. On the Select Organization page, select the organization you use to access the TDS.

5. The first time you log in, you need to Grant Access to a page that will look like this:

  • You won't see this page again once you complete the first sign-in.

  • After these steps, the page will redirect back to Canopy from the IRS window.

After Sign In

Signed-in status

Once signed in, you'll see the signed-in status indicator where the Sign in to the IRS button previously existed. The status also shows the organization with which the user signed in.


A Note on Multiple Organizations: Starting a session with more than one organization is not supported by the IRS through their ISP authorization method. We recommend using one organization to request transcripts. This best practice will help you to use the Transcripts feature more quickly and efficiently.

Follow the steps below to switch organizations:

  1. Wait for your current Canopy session to expire (1 hour from sign-on)

  2. Visit the IRS TDS site and log out of your current organization

  3. Return to Canopy and complete the sign-in steps, this time using the other organization information

Tabs on Transcripts Page

There are now 2 tabs at the top of the Transcripts page.

  • All Transcripts

  • Scheduled Requests

The All Transcripts tab acts the same as the previous Transcripts page and displays all requested transcripts. The Scheduled Requests tab shows any requests that are currently set to a schedule. It shows which requests are past due with a red dot by the Next Send Date. It also shows the Organization being used for the recurring request and a “signed in” status.

  1. A blue dot means you have an active sign-in with the organization.

  2. An open gray dot means you are not currently signed in with that organization in Canopy.

  3. A red dot in the Next send date column requires a login before the request can be processed.

image (29).png

From this page, you can see upcoming recurring requests. You can also manually select requests and send them off by using the check box on the left side and then clicking Request Transcripts in the top right corner.

Note: If you manually select and request from this page, the recurring request schedule will not change and will still schedule to request on its next send date.

Note: If past due Scheduled Requests are on this page, the requests will automatically be sent when you start a session under the correct organization.

Request Transcripts Modal

In the request window, you can see the organizations drop-down with signed-in/signed-out statuses:


This shows the state of the field if the organization is not in an active session:

Note: This would only come up if your session timed out while you are in the request window.

You must choose an organization with an active session in order to Request Transcript.


If recurring requests are scheduled on the current date or any prior date, an email and notification remind you to sign in to the IRS (except on Saturday, Sunday, and federal holidays).

Badge Notification:



Turn off notifications and emails for Recurring requests here if needed.

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